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N argentii
N aristolochiodes (sg,♂)
N attenboroughii (sg)
N diatas (AW)
N edwardsiana (AW)
N edwardsiana (sg)
N ephippiata (AW)
N glabrata (BE)
N gymnamphora- singgalang (AW)
N hamata ♂ (AW)
N klossii (BE, clone 2)
N Khasiana
N lowii -(seed)
N nigra (sg)
N pervillei (sg)
N rajah (BE)
N ramispina
N singalana
N spectabilis
N talangensis ♂
N tentaculata Mt. Murud
N tentaculata - Kinabalu (sg)
N truncata -Pasian
N villosa -tambuyukon (sg)

N maxima x talangensis
N aristolochioides
N lowii


H pulchella
H heteradoxa x minor RIP 8/22/13


C follicularis typical
C follicularis Brewer's Red
C follicularis Phil Mann
C follicularis vigorous clumping


S alabamensis
S purpurea var venosa
S purpurea var purpurea
S rubra jonesii
S rubra jonesii 'Kula'
S rubra rubra
S rubra gulfensis
S alata
S flava var. rugelli
S flava var. flava
S flava var. maxima
S flava var. rubricorpora -appalachicola
S flava var. rubricorpora-Sumatra, Liberty Co, FL
S flava var. ornata (light veining)
S flava var. ornata (heavy veining)
S leucophylla
S leucophylla "tarnok"
S leucophylla "Hurricane Creek White"
S minor "okee giant"
S oreophila

S X 'Leah Wilkerson'
S X "Doreen's colossus" x "Titan"
S catesbaei
S x "ladies in waiting"
S x "red dixie"
S x "Dana's Delight"
S x "Judith Hindle"
S x "Dixie Lace"
S minor x unknown
S purpurea x unknown


D californica mountain form-
D californica


U alpina
U nephrophylla
U reniformis
U quelchii

U graminifolia RIP
U lividia
U sandersonii -blue form
U bisquamata

U gibba


D capensis
D binata
D spathulata ?
D burmanii
D filiformis


D muscipula "B52" x "Ginormous"
D muscipula typical


Aldrovanda vesiculosa


P esseriana

Maxillaria tenuiflora
Masdevallia veitchiana
Pleurothallis sarracenia
Mediocalcar decoratum
Oncidium croesus
Platystele sp. (schmidtchenii, i think)

many more...

Wants: almost anything! especially Nepenthes species, don't have room for hybrids.
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