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Peperomia ID

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I've put this thing up on NASC before but I still haven't written down what it is. It miiiight have come from CSUF greenhouse but not 100% sure. Some sort of Peperomia but not sure a species. Help?
Here's a clearer shot of the leaves. This plant is way too small to be prostrata so I'm wondering if it isn't rotundifolia instead? Is there a good peperomia forum somewhere to go poke around - maybe a herp forum because it seems like the sort of thing you'd keep in a terrarium with tiny frogs and stuff?

Edit: I found a herp forum and I swear this plant is a dead ringer for Peperomia emarginella. Anyone back me up on this?
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I know I’m a bit late, but it is not only definitely 100% P. Emarginella, it’s the ‘Ecuador’ locality, beautiful plant :D