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Petiolaris complex plants - manual division


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Here is what I've done to D. broomensis and D. ordensis. Next, I will do the same for the rest of the species I am growing at the moment. :banana2:

Please send over the seasons' blessings for these!!! Particularly for the furry ones. :hail:

D. broomensis

D. ordensis
A bold move, in my book, but you totally have my blessings and best wishes on them. I'd bet they will do well. :)
I just put my paradoxa, which was in LFS, on top of a sand/peat mix. I've been told by an Australian hobbyist that Petiolaris Complex don't do well in totally organic media.
A woman after my own heart.

I'll bless yours, if you bless mine.

I'll bless yours, if you bless mine.


>>>blessings on the way>>>>

Hi pokie, please share your conditions. AFAIK, the culture media should to be kept 75F and below so as to minimise the rapid growth of microbes. Meanwhile, my conditions at the balcony is >75F year round.
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1/3MS media 5.7, 3% sucrose, with a 0.5mg kinetin in that jar. I am still experimenting on these, which happen to be ordensis. The jars are at a constant 30C. The little ones are from seed, not explant material.

For D. broomensis and D. ordensis, the half with root is starting to have new growth.

D. broomensis

D. ordensis

D. ordensis leaf that fell off - it has grown about 100% in length!

D. dilatato-petiolaris - both halves have roots and have produced new growth

D. ordensis

D. ordensis leaf that fell off - still growing!

D. kennealyii

D. darwinensis

D. dilatato-petiolaris

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Though it gives me the willies to consider cutting/tearing my precious petiolaris 'dews into pieces I make a point of not arguing with success. Nicely done and congrats, Cindy.
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Just updated a pic of D. kennealyii which is actually D. darwinensis. :blush:

So, the species that I have cut and managed to produce new growth on at least one of the halves are

1. Drosera dilatato-petiolaris
2. Drosera kennealyii
3. Drosera darwinensis
4. Drosera broomensis
5. Drosera ordensis

That will be 5 out of 6 species I am growing at the moment which is a good level of success. No loss thus far. Phew!

Thanks to fellow growers who sent the blessings from 9500 miles across the Pacific Ocean! :hi5:
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Just an update of the D. ordensis.

The two halves. The one of the right is definitely on track since it has roots. The one on the left did not have any root but grew a few new leaves but most of the older leaves have turned brown.

Upon closer inspection, the half without roots has some green in the middle! It seems to be producing new growth there!
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Great job!
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You have inspired me, Cindy. I snipped off the plantlets forming on my D. paradoxa and potted them a few weeks ago and now all are producing new leaves. :)
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Here is the photo for the above post. If you look carefully you can see the older leaves under the newly-grown ones. These were on top when I removed and potted the plantlets.

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Hi Mark,

That's cool! How many mother plants are they from? Just one?
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Thanks, Cindy. Yes, it was just a single plant. There is also a larger division that is rooting elsewhere from the same. Of course now I wish I had taken 'before' pics.
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I took your advice:

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D. ordensis leaf that fell off when I cut the experiment plant into half.

The other half without root is taking off!