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Petiolaris complex roots... 3' long.


I'm growing CPs in the Desert of Tucson, Az
Hi all! I bought some petiolaris Drosera seeds because, well, if I'm going to have a heated tank set up I may as well fill it! So today I needed to get the new pots into the tank and one of the exsisting pots, didn't want to move over. I did break a couple- who knows how long they were but I got one to come out whole. It's like, 3' long! Should I thread it back through the grid into the heated water or flip the pot and put it all in there like I tend to do with most plants? :p (It was threaded down into the grid and into an upside down pot through a drainage hole that holds the grid up)

20230207_133931.jpg 20230207_133951.jpg 20230207_133848.jpg
Those look nice! I have never figured out whether or not roots outside of a pot contribute much to the plant or not. I have often cut them off and the plants seem to grow without reacting. I wouldn't think that it could hurt at all to keep them in the water, tho'. Are those D. lanata? I've tried propagating from petiolaris group sundew roots but it's never worked for me.
Thanks bud. This particular one was sold to me as falc x ordensis x aff ordensis. I plan on getting into dividing my pets soon, I'll get with you and see if there are any you need. :D