Well here it is
Looks like it is settled in nicely

It is correctly labelled. I get Fang and Dingley giant from different sources and neither carries both types.



apple rings.. what more can i say?
DUDE!!! That's sooooooo nice lookin'! I LOVE that unique red tint
Ahhh, the cherry red...
Hmmm, my Dingleys look nothing like this pic
Mine have coloration of the typical vft, but with huge robust traps, and its a clumper.
Larry, I strongly believe you are correct. I have studied the "giant" flytraps for some time and the Dingley Giant is described as you have it. I have also seen a few rare photos of the plant. I also have a small plant of it myself.
Nope. I have friend who lives in um......australia or um somthin....and well he described the plant as long petioles, not quite directly erect, large traps that can gain a solid red hue. I emailed him just 1 month ago to ask him about this plant. This guy know quite a bit about VFTs.