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Picked up some stuff for the new year

So, my local Home Depot went bonkers and ordered a vast selection of cacti and succulent of all sizes for low prices. I took advantage. Picked up some new Kalanchoe I've been searching for as well as a monstrose Cereus Peruvianus and a good little collection of living rocks. Here's some general shots of my collection:

Living Rocks. I need an aloinopsis:


And here are some random pics:







Not all of it, but most.

Really have a nice collection going now. :)
some nice plants there. that jelly bean sedum will be everywhere soon! it's even growing in some cp pots here.
Thanks. Yes, that rubrotinctum is in season two with me. It's overtaking that pot pretty quick, think I will repot it soon. I actually have other rock garden arrangements as well, will try to post those later.
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nice collection thanks for sharing:D
Those living rocks are awesome. :D

A flowering Pleiospilos Nellii
Neato!!! I like the Green Coral:)
I love the very first picture so much!
My set up has rather changed since those pictures, lol. new additions means I have to be creative. I had this ugly rusty firewood holder outside on the porch for years now. It sits right in front of a brick pillar; for years I've just put plants around/in it. But recently when I threw out an old griddle top I got an Idea: to wedge it in there to create a platform. A bit of red weaving from a coffee table inside made it slip resistant. The result is this little honey hole:

<a href=http://s1276.photobucket.com/albums/y467/Sundude/Cacti_succulents/?action=view&current=IMAG0351_zpsbab4c9f2.jpg target=_blank><img src=http://i1276.photobucket.com/albums/y467/Sundude/Cacti_succulents/IMAG0351_zpsbab4c9f2.jpg border=0 alt=></a>

Some new/old plants there you havent seen until now. I recently managed to acquire an aloinopsis I mentioned in post 1:


Not far from also flowering :D

And here's a few of my best cacti:


My beloved mini cholla and monacantha monstrose.

This was labeled as a "Notocactus Stefanii" at a local nursery, but I can find no record of species name "Stefanii". I think this is likely a Leninghausii monstrose:
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I love that montrose. Have you ever tryed dividing cacti? If so what is necessary for a painless repot??
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Good set of gloves. :p

But no, I have only divided succulents... As far as monstrose varieties I prefer to leave them alone cause they are so unique.
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One more for today: a very colorful "fire sticks" and oversized Kalanchoe Fang bush plant.

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Hey, I have Firesticks (Euphorbia tirucalli) as well. Be careful when handling them. Their sap is pretty dangerous.
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Yeah, that's one of my favorite plants. I've had one around for the last ten years or so. The sap is poisonous, but I've had good luck with cuttings and such not irritating me. The trick with that is to dip the cutting in cool water to stop the seeping.

Up until this winter, I had a very large and branchy tirucalli. Had a bad storm one night when it was cold that pretty much killed it. All that Is left now is a small off shoot of the main branch that has some life left. Sigh. Still saddens me.
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Had a request on chat last night for pics of my Haworthia. Here's the first three, all clustered near the middle. An H. Retusa, Marginata and Mirabilis Mundula.


Here's my fourth and final one, in back. I believe this is a Coarctata v Chalwinii

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Nice. I see your haworthia are doing quite well!
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Yeah, they seem happy. I need to shade that first box a bit more though. They won't like that spot as much come spring time. Too much sun. Might repost that pic cause it looks cruddy.
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Ooh nice, I like the compact spiky one in the middle of the last pic. :) nice job.
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Wanted to provide some better pics of that first rock planter.

Haworthia Marginata

H. Mirabilis Mundula

H. Retusa

Young Graptopelotum and Golden Stonecrop Sedums

Faucaria Tigrina cluster

Crassula Falcata cluster

Also an Aloe in there I forgot to do a close up on.
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I come with new pics! Always exciting!

This first one was a gift I got last week from a patient at work as a thank you. I work as a cook for a rehabilitation hospital locally. It's a Haworthia Mirabilis v. Badia:

And here's some more pics I've been holding out on. A purple prickly I am naming "Betty", in honor of another prickly pear I saw online that was bigger but this one reminded me of it.

Here is a flowering Mammalaria Elongata "Copper King" and Fairy Castle cactus.

A couple of Opuntia Microsdasys; an Albata and Monstrose varieties



And... Ze piece dé la resistánce... My favorite succulent. I've been waiting for it to flower, and it has. Euphorbia Pseudocactus x (unknown pseudocactus hybrid x Grandicornis) "Zig zag".


Have a few more to photograph some other time. I have other assorted lithops that are all shedding as well as a few other "living rocks" that need to be potted up with the new Haworthia and a few smaller succulent I have around. Will post pics when I do that. Maybe this weekend.
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