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Pleurothallis brighamii


Encyclia ploybulbon


This beauty was misslabled when I got it.


Not an orchid, Anthurium scandens

they look nice..

Love orchids, just a pain and not enough room to grow, when i win the lotto ill have pleanty of room then.

not enough room? the Encyclia ploybulbon pictured above is like 3.5 inches tall WITH a flower stalk
Yeah nepenthes_ak There are many orchids you can grow that are really SMALL. Some people setup what they call a orchidarium in the house to grow them. Basicly a tereium but everything is in pots and things. There are some orchids with flowers so small that a dime will dwarf them. Had someone take a picture of one over at orchid source. There are many small Bulbos, some mini Dens plus many other minis you can grow in limited space. Just have to research it. I didn;t like very many minis when I first started, but I acuired some not realizig they were minis and I like them now. I am going to get more, but I am trying to hold off till I get my GH rebuilt. Plus I want to get rid of some of my NoID catleya hybreds.
with acarful selection of species you could make a nice 10-20 species collection in a 10 gal tank. i have a mini Catt hybrid that sits nicely in a ten with tons of room to spare for true mini species. some are small enough to mount on a wine cork and have plenty of room.
Hope those pulybulbons are doing good for you rattler

I have a number orchids that would be concidered mini. The brighamii in the frist pics is growing in a 2"pot, the flower is only 1/4" across. the yellow unkown is mounted on stick, has a 2" leaf span and flowers are about 1/8". The smallest plant I have is a Platystele stenostachya in a 1" pot flowers are about 1/16".

I'll post more pics when I get new batterys for the camera.
have them in 3 different frog tanks, they are doing fine. blooming on and off.