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Pinguicula Grandiflora x vallisnerifolia

Hello everyone, I have a new pinguicula and am very happy with it. When I received the plant only had a very small (without mucilage) leaves, but is now growing rapidly and looks very healthy. In short, as you can see things haven't gone wrong, has many bugs stuck to the leaves.


My major issue is I have to hibernate the plant (I know it goes in the fridge like other carnivorous plants), but do not know how to do and the right time. I'm afraid of do it wrong.

Many thanks to everyone! :blush:
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Wow! That's a neat cross! I wasn't aware that anyone was crossing European Pings.
Fascinating! Had grandiflora going well for a while, but it's been a pain in the rear for me recently to get moving again....
And don't worry about dormancy, when the plant is ready for it, it will let you know by forming the hibernacula and dropping all the leaves.
Thanks to both of you for reply, but where I live, the winter is pretty warm, the plant will respond anyway?

* Thanks again!!
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