Pinguicula in a Quahaug shell at 8 years

So apparently I have had these in this shell for around 8 years. I'm surprised how resilient mexi pings are! These have been through severe under watering, low light, high light, and some neglect.
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Pinguicula in a Quahaug shell 1 year


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I find mex pings to very hardy, in respect to substrate, I've used everything from complex all mineral mixes to house plant soil and perlite, think as long as it's moist and airy it will be fine. Your pings look real good by the way! Which species/hybrid is it?
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Pinguicula 'Pirouette', Pinguicula esseriana, and Pinguicula x [moctezumae x "Köhres"]
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If you showed that to someone they'd assume you carefully managed it to get so many flowers. Definitely a coffee table topper worth display.


Let's positive thinking!
Wow, very nice Zero! I also found Mexi Pings to be remarkably durable. Until mice ate mine. *sad trombone noise*



Very nice! I don't understand how I manage to always kill mine. . . Maybe I will try planting in a shell.