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Pinguicula 'Pirouette' (Bubba1960 $18)

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The sticky ones are my favorite.
Up for auction is a small plantlet of Pinguicula 'Pirouette'.

You can see the mature plant in the middle. This is an absolutely lovely and easy Mexican ping. You will receive one of the plantlets from the clump at right; if bidding exceeds $10 you'll receive 2. The plant will be shipped bare-root. Winner will pay $6 shipping, which can be combined with other plants won to reduce cost. Only US bidders please.

Contact me via PMs to work out shipping details.

Bidding starts at $2.
Payment received by NASC. Thank you!! :)
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Don't think I have paid for shipping yet?
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Plant has been shipped.
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This is a reminder to complete this auction. Please update this thread when items have been shipped and received. Thank you!
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Great plant. Thanks Tacks. Awesome deal
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Auction closed.
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