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Pinguicula rotundiflora - Tacks $15

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Pinguicula rotundiflora

Plant up for auction as about the diameter of a US five cent piece. Another Mexican Pinguicula that doesn't seem any more difficult to grow (or propagate) then the major of the Mexican plants.

Plant will be shipped bare root. Winner pays $5.95 shipping USPS Priority. US only. Shipping can be combined with other item. I cannot provide phytosanitary or nursery certificates.

Bidding starts at $2.00

Payment received by NASC. Thank you!! :)
Oops, forgot this one. Will ship today on me. Label printed, tracking # to winner.
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Tracking info shows delivered at mailbox 29 Apr 2015. PM from winner said item was received. This one keeps slipping through the cracks :)
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Auction closed.
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