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I've heard from some care guides (One specifically in mind) that the cultivar 'Titan' enters succulent growth in the summer, rather than in the winter. This seems really strange to me given the parentage (agnata x macrophylla), but I have increased the photoperiod in my growspace, and my 'Titan' is producing smaller and smaller leaves. It appears it's going to produce a winter rosette, or resting bud. I'm not sure which this cultivar does.
Does anyone have experience with this plant?
Thanks! Ah, so an "uncertain pollen parent." I guess I'll just follow the plants lead.
My P. 'Titan' always goes dormant this time of year.
Thanks! Ah, so an "uncertain pollen parent."

Far from uncertain

The pollen parent was an unidentified Pinguicula collected by David Verity near Guanajuato, Mexico in 1975. The pollen parent forms a hibernaculum below the surface of the ground, sometimes at a depth of over 1.5 cm (1/2 inch), and has flowers similar in form to P. gypsicola. It may be P. macrophylla.
Haha, that's what I read immediately before that post. Maybe the pollen parent is macrophylla. P. macrophylla is a summer grower for me though. I don't know if there are summer dormant populations. ???
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