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Sep 11, 2004
Growlist 4/09/07 updated:11/12/17
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Dionaea:Transplanted a 1-2 year old seedling 10/25/12

Byblis liniforia - sowed on 3/23/13 resowed on 10/10/2014
none at the moment
Byblis Aquatica (due to space isues..it's in the same pot as ultramica and brevolia) sowed on 10/20/17 possibly sprouted on 11/12/2017
Byblis roridua -sowed on 10/10/2014 10/14/2014 some seeds possibly sprouted but too early to tell
D.capensis "All Red"
D. capensis Giant - sowed 3/23/13. New batch sowed on 12/17/18
D. capensis Albino sowed 3/23/13 New batch sowed on 12/17/18
D. indica white and pink flower sowed 3/23/13 pink flower sowed again on 10/10/2014. New batch sowed on 12/17.18
D. tracyi cold strat on 3/23/13 going to be sowed on 4/23/13
D. nidiformis sowed 3/23/13
D. burmannii sowed 3/23/13 none atm
D. sessilifoilia sowed 3/23/13 none atm
D. trinervia sowed 3/23/13 none atm
D. burmannii-Pilliga Red sowed 3/23/13
Drosera brevifolia (warm temperate))(in stock) = In the same pot as ultramafica. sowed sometime on 6/28/17 sprouted on 10/20/17
(D. ultramafica x spatulata)(in stock) same as brevifolia
harvested some D.toakinensis seed 9/16/11
D. 'pretty rosette' sowed on 9/12/11
Several D. Pretty Rosette seeds sprouted in D. capensis " All Red" pot
D.intermedia 'bsl' cold strat on 9/13/11 (dead)
D. x california sunset cold strat on 9/13/11 (dead)
D. fliformis cold stra on 9/16/11 cold strat again on 9/1/16
D. venusta sowed on 10/24/12 D.venusta or trinervia seedling(s) sprouted on 11/21/12 ( not sure if it survived)
D. hookeri sowed on 10/24/12 Couple seedlings sprouted on 11/21/12 (dead)
D. trinervia sowed on 10/24/12 ( not sure if it survived) never sprouted
D. regia (dead)
D. aliciae (dead)
D. madgarcensis (dead)
D. intermedia (tropical) (dead)
D. spatula x capensis (dead)
D.venusta received on 9/6/16 dead. trying root cuttings in hopes of it growing
D. nidiformis seeds sowed on 3/9/2017 resowed on 3/29/2017 2-3 sprouted on around 4/1/2017 or 4/3/2017. still alive as of 12/17/18
D. rotundiofolia seeds strat on 3/3/2017. Going to sow on 4/3/2017
D. filiformis florida red sowed on 3/9/2017 resowed on 3/29/2017 one seed sprouted on 4/5/2017
D.x californica cold strat on 3/3/2017 sowed on 4/3/2017 one seed sprouted on 4/6/2017
D. indica or finlaysonia sowed on 3/9/2017 sprouted on 3/24/2017. took 15 days to sprout. sowed on 12/17/18

N. ventricosa hot lips x ventricosa red might be dead. Officially dead as of 12/17.18
N. viking -currently dead or badly damaged. Update as of 9/13/16 There is 3+ basal shoots on the stem :) still alive as of 12/18/18 but barely making it
N. mirablis x tiger (2) -still alive as of 12/17/18
Nepenthes (Mirabilis x Tiger) x Kongkandana seeds sowed on 11/16/17
N.bicalcarata Sarawak giant - dead or dying as of 12/17/18
N.muluensis x lowii (dead)
N. spathulata x petiolata (dead)
N. sibuyanesis seeds sowed on 10/10/17 -none sprouted
N. raffelsian dark speckled sowed on 10/10/17 -none sprouted
N. hamata x arcihlodies sowed on 10/20/17 - none sprouted
Nepenthes Rafflesiana "Kondo" X Merrilliana sowed on 11/18/2017
Drosophyllum lusitanicum: 14 seeds sowed on 12/3/12. never sprouted

Sarracenia leucophylla (Baldwin Co, Al) Cold strat started 12/3/12 Going to be sowed on 1/3/13 Several sprouted and still doing good.
Sarracenia flava var. rugelii cold strat on 3/23/13 Going to be sowed on 4/23/13

Darlingtonia californica - Never or hasn't sprouted yet
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