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Hi all,

Just reporting in from Georgia, where it appears that once again the plants in the teaching collection are breaking dormancy. Dare I say they might be the earliest pitchers and flowers yet in the northern hemisphere? Invariably, 2-3 weeks after the solstice all taxa in the collection pop out as long as I keep temps warm.

Neat thing is, this interesting time discrepancy really allows for the making of unique crosses between species that otherwise have timing difficulty in the wild (i.e. imagine alata/psittacina crosses, not that they'd be terribly interesting). Plants outdoors keep to their usual timeline, so that by April I can have pollen available from any plant desired.

alata (UGA Clone), 'Tarnok,' rubra ssp. rubra (UGA Clone), and 'Cobra Nest' starting off to a good start. All Sarrs were divided last fall and probably will take another year to really become comparable to prior years' glory.

alata already with open pitchers, and a 'Tarnok' blossom

'Cobra Nest' bloom
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Very nice! You got me by a bit Kevin! I took a few 2 year olds in to work and put them under some good old fashioned metal halides. Not expecting flowers, but one has a pitcher at least 2' tall, but it isn't quite fully developed. I'll get a pic when I get back in.
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