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Planted too deep?

I think I planted my Nepenthes TOO deep. Its way down low, Its really tall too, but the reason I know it's deep is because of the basals. The basals had to come all the way up; about 3" of soil. Should I repot? Or just leave it. I seperated a basal and there was "rhizome"(white thing) for about 2"-3", Then there were the leaves. There are 2 more basals, one about 3" another 2". They are the same as the first one, 2"-3" Rhizomes.

1st. How do you seperate basals? :/

2nd. Should I repot to make the Nepenthes higher?

3rd. To root the basal, should I cover the rhizome part or put the rhizome part just barly covered by the soil.

Thanks for reading :D

I appreciate your opinions, masters! :hail:
Leave it. If it ain't broke, don't fix it . . .

You can separate the basals once they achieve a reasonable enough size with a tiny shears or knife and treat it as you would a cutting -- rooting hormone, warm Tbs, the whole shebang. Sometimes, the basals already have a very rudimentary root system -- and, then, you're ahead of the game . . .
Speaking about Basals...
Just a thought:

Would it be possible to do as one would do with a stem, eg: make a cut in stem at node, prop open wound with wedge, wrap with sphag... you think that would induce rooting of a basal?
eg: maybe snip a tiny part of the base of the basal... to induce roots yet keep some still attached, to allow it to continue living off the mother...
curious to know if anyone has tried this
You could try partially separating them but seems like a lot of extra hassle of fiddling around. If you have a bright and humid environment and LFS to pot your cuttings in you should have no problems rooting most cuttings.

After cutting Neps I made a few slits in the end that will be going in the soil (helps some lateral roots to emerge) and wrap with uncut LFS moss and stuck firmly in a small 2" seedling pot (no wobbly cuttings). If there were only a couple leaves I cut them in half to force rooting and new growth. I water once when potting up and then just mist leaves for the next two weeks or so every day or two. Then water again and then just mist daily for two weeks, and so on. After two or three months of this treatment there should be some new top growth and if you pop the LFS ball out (this is why it's not chopped up) it should be knotted with fine roots and hold together in the pots shape, then the established cuttings can be potted on in a more specialty mix to be grown out or traded, sold, etc.

I got about the same strike rates using Superthrive or Hormex rooting fluids. Even nothing at all worked the same as using the hormone dips. However I had AWFUL luck one year when I used the rooting powder on my annual New Year's Day Nep pruning. Take from that what you will but it turned me off ever using powders again.

Neps are vines, doesn't much matter how deep you plant them they'll grow towards the light! :D
Oh okay thanks guys. I just cut off 1/3 basals and planted it. What will happen to the rhizome part? o.o Will it turn into a stem, or just become roots.