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Plants Healthy or Not?

Hello everyone, I recently purchased some drosera from a online store and the package came pretty late. (in 6 days) I'm a pretty new to droseras, so I'm just wondering if my plants look good or not?:banana2::banana2:

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Uh oh forgot the pictures
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Upload your pictures to another site, such as imgur or photoshack, then take the link and post it here, using
with no spaces. try not to make them too large.
Nope, still wont open. Link them using an external image hosting site.

If you buy membership, you might be able to drag and drop
In the reply box is a picture looking icon (3rd from the right) click that and you can upload from computer. You are able to do this with 25 photos as a registered user, and 500 larger photos if you upgrade your account: 1 Year Thank You membership FlyTrapShop
Thanks for the help guys :grin:, but I think I'll just ask someone on allexperts.
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If anything, I would say the binata needs a little bit more light, maybe a misting to help out the dried tentacles
I'm guessing that you have recently transplanted your sundews? If so the lack of dew could be a normal transplanting reaction and should improve with a little time. I can see the rosetted plant is in standing water, which is the way to go with both of them. Otherwise, I could consider the plants healthy-looking.
No offense intended, PRAXXUS. If they aren't producing dew they are objecting to something in their environment. This could be just coming out of a greenhouse and into a home, in which case they will likely adapt with some time.