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*PLANTS STOLEN* Help find the thief.

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I'm so sorry Tony. We put so much time, effort, money and passion into our plants, that when something like this happens ... it's heartbreaking. Keep the faith Tony ... and remember ... Karma will take care of the rest!
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That is a shame. I know how you fell, I've been there myself. I hate to say this but you may need to expand your search a little. It is very possible that the person responsible has never been toy your greenhouse, but knows somebody that has. That person mentioned the plants and thief decided to go and take them. Either way the thief sounds to have knowledge of which plants were valuable, so it's clearly a fellow grower.

I'll keep my ears open for you.
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Tony that's HORRIBLE, and something I always fear.

I will forward this to the NECPS board so it can go out to all members.
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grab your pitchforks yall, we got a burning at the stake to set up
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That is INSANE, my condolences Tony.

If you ever do find out who took the plants, my suggestion: feed em to the plants. What a little prissy looser wanker. shoot.

I will keep my eyes and ears open as well...i'll be watching watching sites like craigslist or eb*y to see if those plants turn up.
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I went ahead and posted on gardenweb for you. It just makes me SICK to hear of someone with so much integrity and generosity losing valuable plants to some petty thief. Hope you catch them and they pay for it!
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Tony -

I sent it to the NECPS executive board, and it will go out to all NECPS members.

John Phillip, NECPS President, said, "Bill, please let Tony know we shall do all we can to help catch the person"
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I have no presence in the Nep circles, but if by happenstance I hear anything, I will be sure to let you know. I'll keep an eye out to see if any of them pop up anywhere.

I sincerely hope you get them back.

I wish your latest post on TF could have been under happier circumstances, but it's good to see you nonetheless.
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Sorry to hear about the break in,it takes a sorry person to do a thing like that.

:-( They need to be beat with a rubber hose! :censor:
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That is horrible.
I hope the person is found and your plants returned.
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Nothing like the CP community to rally around a member in need.

If everyone keeps an eye on eBay and any other sites offering plant sales...as well as keeping an eye on personal sites featuring photos of collections, perhaps we can spot something. You never know!

That truncata black should stand out like a sore thumb.

I HOPE that once the thief is aware that the CP community is aware...perhaps they might return the plants in the same sneaky manner they took them.

How low can you get... ???
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How low can you get...

Good point- we should keep our eyes on the local limbo clubs as well.
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i'll check around ebay and amazon...

anything to help someone in need... some people are just disgusting...how could someone limbo so low! :evil:
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Hey Tony,
Man I'm sorry to hear this. I remember being at your place a few years ago and seeing some of the plants you mention. Some people are real losers! Maybe night cameras set up here and there would be the way to go especially with you new greenhouse!
Take care, I hope they find who did this to you.
Jeff Matteson
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It is really discouraging to hear such news. Your loss is our loss. I hope that the person is caught, humiliated, and thrown in prison. My only hope is that he or she never realizes how rare some of those plants are and realizes that someone will eventually ask questions and they end up in a ditch somewhere.

Whatever we can do, we will. It could happen to anyone.

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Xvart, pray that a truncata black ISN'T found in a ditch because it might be unsavable. I hope that s/he is caught with the plant and was caring for it. I think the hight of the truncata might not help, they could have tried to make....cuttings.
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Sounds to me like someone who is very keen as to what they took. I'll keep an eye and an ear out. That really sucks! The deed and the person who did it.
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Xvart, pray that a truncata black ISN'T found in a ditch because it might be unsavable.

Yeah, I know. That was my point. That would be a tragedy.

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I put up an Amber Alert on the NECPS webpage. Hope the plants are recovered safe and sound!!
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still nothing on amazon or ebay that i can find...

did you question the people that have visited your greenhouse ???

Don't worry too much, with this much support, i'm sure that the plants (in whatever condition) and the person who took them will be found and punished accordingly.