Please look and tell me what you think

Hi all - I ordered this green dragon from PFT a couple weeks ago.  I chose the single plant option as opposed to the double plant, but it looks like I received two plants nevertheless.  Furthermore, I am rather beginning to suspect that the pair is of different species.  Even though they are grown in identical conditions - obviously, since they are in the same pot :p - one is much greener than the other.  And they grow very differently.  One has flat leaves that fan out, and the other has narrow summer leaves spiking up.

Has PFT accidentally given me two different plants?  Could one be a green dragon and the other a red dragon?  I'm very curious to know.

Also, would it be safe at this time to transplant one of them to its own pot?

Thanks in advance!




Color-wise it looks like you got a red dragon (left) and green dragon (right).

Growth-wise the red will be smaller and have a more uniform rosette, the green will be a bit crazy and go all over the place. Yours is confusing...but I'd stick with the colors and say you've got the red and green. (Lucky!
Notice also that the red side, the leaves (not the traps) have jagged edges, whereas on the green side, the leaves have smooth oval edges.

I ordered VFT's from petflytrap twice (one dente, one green dragon) and both times they gave me two plants for the price of one. The dente came with a baby plantlet on the side.
Looks like a Red and Green Dragon to me. I don`t see any harm in leaving them in the same pot. I have 6 pots of double plants that I bought from here and they are all doing great.
Hmm hard to say for sure.. if you look closely some of the older leaves on the greener one look like the same as the redder one. I am suspecting they are the same and it is just a little variation due to light levels when the leaves developed. Perhaps in something to do with the recent relocation.

Also for future reference... technically they are not different species. They would be different varieties of the same species ;>
Hi Guys,

Many times, the red and green 'dragons' are very hard to tell apart as younger plants... and only the more developed plants begin to show signs of their true form.

It does look like you got one of each in that pot... HOWEVER... keep in mind... Red dragons will start to look green without enough light... and green dragons will begin to look like red dragons if they get over exposure to sun. This doesn't always happen.. but say you have a red that's been slightly underexposed... while a green has been slightly over exposed, the coloration will be almost identical... and the only way to tell them apart is their physical characteristics (mentioned above).

So... rule of thumb... is how they grow, not as much as their color, since that varies based on growing condition.