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Potted plants can't reach their full potential?

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Most orchids are tree-growing ephites so it's not suprising that they can root in such small spaces. One orchid rescue I got several years ago is about half as big as the plant above. Over time it has pushed all it's soil out to leave nothing in the pot but mostly roots! So far it doesn't seem to mind it.
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I grow my Dendrobiums mounted and one just sits in a pot with no soil mix at all. They seems to LOVE it. I water them once a day.
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I ought to try that with my seedlings. They may do a lot better then. ALso, I have had personal experience with the gradual changes in pot size talked about in these threads, and the best example is my rajah: I started it out in a massive pot, way too big, and it didn't do a thing. Placing it in a smaller pot (though even smaller may be better) has allowed it to finally gain size.
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You know I am on the fence here. While I want my plants to grow HUGE and to their full potential, I have a limited space to grow my plants in (indoors). So for me half the reason I keep them in smaller pots is to slow the growth until I can accomidate the plant better (like with a greenhouse). Then I can plant them in much larger pots (or ground). While I do repot to larger pots when plant get large. I try and stick with the next size up and not a huge jump in pot size.
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That N. mirabilis root system is insane!

I've had a similar idea about net pots. I have my N. lavicola and Dendrobium anosmum in net pots and they grow very quickly. I think it has more to do with aeration, though. I've also thought it would make transplanting easier, just place the current pot it's in inside of a larger one. And maybe I should transplant my Sarracenia seedlings to narrower pots....
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Just last week I repotted all my neps into larger pots, so interesting timing on this subject. I was surprised at just how rootbound they can become. Their previous mix was 1:1 sphagnum to perlite. Yeah..I couldn't separate the old media out at all. Doing so would have destroyed their roots. So I just placed them into bigger pots with a much more open mix. I have high hopes they'll be better for it.