Properties of alternative growth media

***notice: if a thread on this exists and I somehow overlooked it, feel free to delete this and point me in the right direction***

I've seen the issue of sphagnum and peat sustainability pop up quite frequently, but I haven't seen a centralized list of alternatives and pros/cons of their use. Once my garden gets a bit more established I'd be willing to run experiments to see which species do well in various soils. I'm also willing to do experiments without plants right away. Any ideas?

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Certainly a good place to start. When things slow down a bit I'll fill some containers with the individual soil components listed in that cpuk thread. I'm slightly limited in my current test setup, but TDS and PH measurements over time would be a good place to start. I could also do some agar cultures to see what microscopic beasties are common, and compare that to the mix I currently have. I figure there'll be some regional variations. A long term goal is to get a gel electrophoresis setup going too, but that is still maybe 6 months to a year off. Optical microscopes and dead reckoning will do for now. Feel free to mention any avenues for testing I've left out.

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