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Give Away Pygmy D. roseana gemmae

I have once again been reminded of the generosity of this forum (specifically) and plant-folk (in general). And, simultaneously realized, I have some pygmy Drosera roseana spitting gemmae like nobody's business. I'd love to send two gemmae packets to new homes.

This giveaway is open to TerraForums members who have a USA mailing address and have 25+ posts.

I'll cover postage. I've not shipped gemmae before in the winter, but I understand they can handle a bit of chill. If you are in an arctic-blast-zone, please consider whether you believe plant matter will survive your shipping conditions.
Winners will be chosen by random number drawing on Tuesday, Dec 16th 2020, at about noon (west-coast time).
Winners will PM me with his/her mailing address and I expect to get the gemmae out asap (but, we can chat about shipping temps). Remember, I can stick some in the fridge, but these are best planted fresh. BTW, please be ready to plant on arrival.

Thanks to other TF members who have offered giveaways. I've benefited from their generosity and am happy to pay it forward! And thank you for looking.

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I will withdraw my entry. Thank you for your generous offer. I just don't see myself spending the time to grow them. Plus, with the Holidays coming up, I know I'll be distracted.
Sorry to see you go jerrysmith!
[MENTION=5340]Nikki630[/MENTION] and [MENTION=11910]plantsnfish[/MENTION] - you will soon be gemmae owners. Send me a pm with your address, and let's discuss the best time to get you some gemmae!