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For Sale Q) You need more amazing Sarracenia, don't you? A) Yes.

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I'm growing CPs in the Desert of Tucson, Az
While we all sit around and wait for spring, I wanted to drop a reminder for you to get your Sarracenia fix! I have my 3rd package incoming from @Fred P right now. :cool: While we wait for spring and him to add more amazing photos for us to drool over in his thread (<click it to see if you missed it) why not grab some Sarrs for you to drool over daily at your place? If there is something you've been wanting, or don't know what you want but have a photo of something similar you'd like... you should email him and see if he can help (no availability list for you to browse). pasky@twc.com
Mine so far this year from him is in the fresh media :sneaky: (Opps, I see I've missed popping a bud off one of the new plants)
I'm not sure why he doesn't post that he sells, so I'm doing it for him. Also, follow him on Insta @drop_zone_101 :coffee::giggle:
Edit! Oh, I forgot! He definitely has S. 'Leah Wilkerson' and S. 'Black Widow' available.

#AdminApproved #Sponsor. :p
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Love this promo of Fred (and his plants). I have purchased from him in years past and been very impressed!