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Ramp cultivation?

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While mine are not to the point of being able to harvest, a dear friend in North Carolina sends me some every year :hail:

Dinner tonight was Angus Rib-eye with fresh Ramps

nomnomnomnom :-O

I think that I teared up, having never had ramps; am verklemmt; talk amongst yourselves . . .
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hopefully next year I can send ya some :)

I have flower stalks, counted over ten in one small area
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Ive got 19 that I can find.
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I've been missing for a while. Good to see you had flowers. Hope you see growth soon.
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They are already waking up, took a walkabout to the patch this weekend.
I was surprised how long it took for the seeds to mature, it was late fall before they started to drop last year.

The patch is growing in size every year, harvest my first ones last year.

nomnomnonom lol
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Never heard of ramps before...now I cant wait to try them!! Sounds like a good plant for the upcoming auction av8tor1 (hint, hint)
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Idk about "ramps", but my wild crops of green chives this year are amazing! I have half a garden bed full that also contains elephant ear, ice plant, and lillies, plus several carefully-kept wild patches around the property.
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Just got back from a conference, and headed out for another on Monday but took a peek at my ramps.
There is not enough to harvest yet, looks as though I have less this year than last... don't know why though.
The size of the patch had been increasing every year and many flowered and set seed last year (possible reason?)
My smaller, secondary location does seem to have more than last year

So, me sowwy but no ramps in the auction, nor the dinner table this year.

What is there is very healthy

My fiddlehead seems smaller too, maybe I'm just remembering them being bigger... LOL

Nice little Trillium, don't know enough about them to ID any further

Harvested some wild onion/chives for ribeye this evening though.

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I've never eaten the wild onions/garlic. How does it taste Butch?

Don't know about the effect of flowering on the ramp bulb. I wonder if its like any other Allium where the bulb dies after flowering, since they are biennials. But I've had leeks flower and little bulbils form underground which live on.
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Yeah those chives are what I have! Be sure to save the top bulbs for roasts and sautes!
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I wonder if its like any other Allium where the bulb dies after flowering, since they are biennials.


US ramp, ramps, spring onion, ramson, wild leek, wood leek, wild garlic etc.
Allium tricoccum is a bulb-forming perennial with broad, smooth, light green leaves, often with deep purple or burgundy tints on the lower stems, and a scallion-like stalk and bulb.

European ramsons, buckrams, wild garlic, broad-leaved garlic, wood garlic, bear leek or bear's garlic, etc
Allium ursinum is a bulbous, perennial herbaceous monocot, that reproduces primarily by seed.

Allium species are herbaceous perennials with flowers produced on scapes.
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Thanks Fred, I stand corrected.
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Now for the good bit.

I shot this last year, the first 50 seconds or so shows UK ramsons in flower.

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Fred: wow!


The green bits are wonderful chives, and most of the time the bulbs are very tasty.
Strong onion flavor.

Sometimes though, the bulbs can have a bit of a slightly unpleasant bitter taste.

But no comparison to a yummy ramp

Oh, Crissy said she was at her local farmer's market over the weekend and the locals were complaining about the ramp size/population too.
Maybe just a bad year for them.

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I have to get out and look at the patch I found a year or two ago. I wonder how they are doing.
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Part of the scene today in the woods

Allium ursinum - Ramsons

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Its been a while since I've been on here. Last month I was in the Catskills in New York hiking and saw the blooms of ramps scattered along the trail. Dug up a few and enjoyed a really nice trail snack.