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Red nepenthes seedling??

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So i have a red leaf nepenthes seedling in one of the pots i put a few seeds into.. there's about 40 more germinations in another pot and only this one is showing this, and I'm new to this the guy i bought the seeds from said he's never seen it so did i possibly hit the genetic jackpot lol? Also it's really hard to take pictures of the seedlings so my apologies..


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I've sometimes seen some seedling go red very early on. It does not necessarily mean that those plants will be particularly red at maturity over their siblings.
Its kinda hard to call its as genetic jackpot at this stage. Well, of course its depend on what's you want from them. Growth rate, plants colouration, pitchers shape, size, or colour, etc .

For example, one my seed grown lowii produced upper pitcher from 5,5 years. Fast compared their sibling who produce upper pitchers at 7-8 years. But turns out that the one who consistently produce largest pitchers are the super late one (start to produce pitchers at 11 years age).
Thank you all for the replies the seedlings btw are [(lowii x veitchii) x boschiana] x [maxima x (Thor x Mollis)]
red seedling can mena many things lower tollerance to light hence sun stressing (many neps can sun stress red then burn ) some do have red genetics there are 2 ik of though id have google to remember names . if in doubt keep it marked say with plastic drink twizzle stick or plastic tooth pick (wood might cause mold or rot ) then as it grows see how it compares to others . often when growers and hybridizers grow out seedlings they pick some for vigor speed of growth colorations ect so why not keep it on a watch . noneless it looks pretty cool atm <3