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Rehydrating desiccated Sarracenia


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Due to some circumstances outside of my control and some people's incompetence when taking instruction, I have about $500 in plants that dried out. I just got home and found them. I. am. livid.

The person who let them dry out is a personal friend and friendship is always worth more than plants, so I am not going to ask for the replacement value or anything. But I do want to save my plants. I just have them soaking in RO/DI water right now. They will probably die but they are still green and dry but leathery and not brown and crispy yet.

Is there anything else I can do to improve my chances of saving them? Is there some surfactant I can go buy tomorrow? I have never dealt with anything like this. They will probably look like crap next season if they do make it.... I hate setbacks.


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I have an Apex aquarium controller precisely so things like this don't happen to it and I can keep track of what's going on with it wherever I am. Some horticultural company should really invent a plant controller that lets you turn water pumps on and off. Or at the very least I should DIY some automatic top-off water reservoir system for my plants.
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can't you program the Apex to water and monitor certain parameters? i've always wondered if you could use an Apex in a grow chamber setup. How are you using yours and what devices is it controlling?
If the rhizomes are still firm, you're fine. I'd say just soak them for a day, pot them back up, and let them grow. It may not be a bad idea to avoid dormancy this winter since they've had such a large setback late in the year.
Unfortunately you can do no more than what you are doing, I wish you the best of luck