Repotting vft's



Im looking to repot my vft's. I have sphagnum and perlite. There are three pots with two plants in each. Should i separate them or leave them together? The pots that i am putting them in are approximately three inch pots. I have two Green Dragons, two Dante flytraps, and two Common fly traps. Is this a good idea and any suggestions on how to get them bigger? My biggest trap so far is a little over one inch and i have a couple more around that size. Ive only had them for three days.

For me for big trap size I either wait, give it superthrive or send my plants to the genetics lab
The only way to get them bigger is to give them what they need, and be patient. I notice a big difference in just one season: well grown plants always get bigger. You have come to the right place to learn how best to grow your plants!