First off, I know repotting is bad, but at the rate my two green dragons are growing I'm concerned about their welfare in their current 3" pot. I am guessing what I probably should do is leave them until the dormant period and repot them late next winter. If anyone could tell me the best solution to my dilemma I would appreciate it.
Actually if you are going to repot then you want to do it in the spring after they break dormancy, this allows them some time to get over the shock of the transplant and still have some time left for growth, I grow mine two or three in a 5 inch tall pot, this gives them room to stretch their roots down and room for the inevitable offshoots without developing too much crowding, I have to admit , however, that I still end up repotting and seperating the plants every one or two years. Good growing!
Most advice seems to be to avoid repotting. With that in mind, what I have done in the past couple of weeks with no ill affects was:

Filled my new pot with medium to a level where the old pot (with plant still in it) would sit to the level I wanted. Then filled in around the pot with medium. Then I slid the whole plant and soil out of the pot and dropped it (lightly) into the hole I just made in the new pot. Then tapped lightly on the edges to seal. Hope that makes sense. There was no disturbance to the plant and its roots, and a few weeks later is looking great.

Linda ö¿ö