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Hey Guys,

I have been reading the forum for about a month now and find it very informational. My main hobby started in herptology from the age of six and has blossomed for the past seven years. I keep various species of Rhacodactylus, some Dendrobates, Pacific newts, Leopard geckos, and a pair of scorpions.

Herps and Carnivorous Plants seemed to have always gone together in my mind :). I remember returning home when I was just three with a "death cube" containing a venus flytrap and a Nepenthes. Two years of unsuccessful growing finally changed when I discovered an old copy of the Savage Garden in my attic. I was a determined five year old and promptly manipulated my parents into purchasing an online Sarracenia. It thrived!

My collection has been limited to a few plants because of my age, and of course my parents wanted to make sure I was stable in the responsibility before going nuts. My first trip to California Carnivores two years ago marked when my collection took off!

I am looking forward to sharing my plants and learning from everyone!

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Welcome to the forum, Kenny :)
Welcome to the forums! Herpetology was my original passion, and still is dual with botany, as I breed corn snakes.
P.S. I think parents can be quite a pain when trying to expand your passion, but it can be maneuvered around :D
I come from a reptile background too. I used to breed many many geckos (mostly Rhacodactylus and Nephrurus) and dart frogs. I bred many other species as well but the frogs and geckos were my main focus.
Great to see other reptile keepers! I loves this forum :)