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Rescued mysterious, pitcherless Nepenthes


I found this poor guy (or gal) in a dark, forgotten spot in a shop. I asked the workers how long it's been in there, and they said it's been for about two months!
This plant is in great shape for the time it spent forgotten from humanity (I suspect the only thing they did for it was watering, the sphagnum it's growing in was moist, at least...), so I suspect it is an immortal variation of some species.
No surprise all of it's jars are gone, and new ones are burnt (I suspect that the old/dried ones got cut down after they died, so the plant would look ''prettier''). That makes identification hard, but I thought you guys could point out possibilities for what species it can be. I'll just be able to confirm when a new jar pops up, and that might take a while.

Thank you for your time.
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Looks pretty healthy, considering. Luckily Nepenthes don't actually need all that much light. Once some new pitchers develop, we can help you identify it.
Judging by the leaves and likelihood of common culprits, it may be 'Miranda', but pitchers are essential for even a decent guess at ID.