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Restarting a Facebook Group on Highland Tropical Plants

A few years ago, I tried to start a group on highland tropical plants. I thought a forum where they could be discussed together was essential. I hate extremely specialized plant groups.

However, I never really got the group going. So I'm trying again, and putting more effort into it.

Of course, high elevation tropical carnivorous plants such as many Nepenthes, Heliamphora, a number of Pinguicula, etc. fall under this description.

So please join, and please post on your favorite plants. Have fun. I would particularly appreciate posts on Nepenthes.

The group has few rules. Sales and trades are encouraged.

Here is a link to the group:

And a description:

Many of us grow plants from the higher elevations in the tropics, which are typically areas with mild or cool but (nearly) frost-free climates and high moisture. The idea that plants grow either in environments that are highly seasonal, with cold winters, or in areas that are always warm/hot, ignores many of the most fascinating plants, as well as much of the world's biodiversity.

Among the plants that one might consider as highland tropicals and/or cloudforest plants includes many Orchids, highland Nepenthes, many Passifloras, especially Tacsonias, Sphaerocarpium Brugmansias, tropical blueberries, Vireya Rhododendrons, many Salivas, most Fuchsias, many Impatiens, many tuber crops and some edible fruits, However the actual number of plants that grow in such areas is staggering and not limited to just such few plants which collectors choose to grow. All are of interest.

This forum is completely open in terms of members offering seeds or plants for sale or trade, or promoting worthwhile nurseries and sellers. However excesses in any form, including of course spam, will not be tolerated.

We welcome members who are from around the world, including of course those from various climates where growing such plants is a challenge. We particularly welcome members from those parts of the world where highland tropicals and cloudiest plants grow naturally. Such people are valuable sources of advice, and often sources of seeds and other materials. The goal in publicizing such plants is to promote knowledge and conservation, not exploitation.

As the climate demands of these plants can often be very restrictive, people who post are encouraged to provide as much information as possible about their climate. A pretty picture with no other information is simply another pretty picture. Those who post photos which are not their own must provide a link to the original source, which credits the actual photographer.
Topics have included:

Deppea splendens
Bomareas (Vining Alstroemerias)
Cold Group (Sphaerocarpium) Brugmansias
Impatiens namchabarwensis (Blue Impatiens)
The 2023 NASC Benefit Auction
Passiflora parritae
ID questions on Agapetes
Psychotria from Costa Rica

Planned by me:

The American Fern Society Spore Exchange
Mountain Papayas
Tacsonias (high elevation Passifloras)
Finding good Nepenthes seed sources
No doubt a few posts on propagation
Perhaps I'll initiate some general trade or sales threads or ISO threads.

And many more!

Presumably others can contribute in those areas, and others, such as Orchids, Vireya Rhododendrons, Highland Nepenthes, Heliamphora, Salvias, Andean tuber crops, and so on. There's a tremendous amount of possible ground to be covered.

So please visit, join and add some carnivorous plant posts.