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May 20, 2011
Salt Lake City, Utah. U.S.A.
Here's my growlist, as far as I can remember. The dates are purchase/order arrival dates (if I can remember)
Everything with an asterisk before it (*) is up for possible trade, or may be in the relatively near future.

young mature plant with two growth points. Early spring 2011

minor (juvinile plant just starting to make mature pitchers. 10/17/11)

Highland/intermediate Nepenthes:

* sanguinea- spring 2010?
* khasiana-fall 2010?
* ventricosa-spring 2010?
ventricosa 'red'(I think) winter 2009-2010
N. ventricosa black peristome (female) cross N. ventricosa typical (male) seedlings. Still too small to trade ( germinated fall/winter 2010)
truncata 'pasian' spring 2010?
ramispina spring 2010?
mikei spring 2010?
spectabilis cross aristolochioides hybrid
singalana fall 2009?
spectabilis 'Sibuatan' Nov 15th 2011
glabrata fall-winter 2010?
* 'alii' (complex hybrid)-Possible trade
maxima giant Tentena, Sulawesi (10/17/11)
Kohala xx rokko ((kampotiana x maxima) x (fusca x veitchii)) x (thorelii x maxima) seeds (waiting to germinate) (fall 2011)

Lowland Nepenthes:

bicalcarata fall 2010?
*distilitoria fall 2010?
*ampularia 'harlequin' fall 2010?
albomarginata typical green form fall 2009?
albomarginata 'kuching spotted' (11/25/11)


*Mature plant with several plantlets from runners (divisions up for possible trade)
Also seedling of mountain variety.


flava var 'rugellii'Spring 2011
purpurea (I think ssp. venosa) Spring 2011
leucophylla Spring 2011
*rubra ssp. rubra Spring 2011
seedling oreophila
'ruby throat #14' (alata leuco hybrid)-(Possible divisions for trade in near future) Aug 2011
'red velvet' (flava leuco hybrid)-(possible divisions for trade in near future) Aug 2011
alata Aug.2011
*minor Spring 2011
texas alata cross (?) seedlings (very likely hybrids.Open bee pollinated) Oct-Nov 2011
flava var flava seedlings (very likely hybrids.Open bee pollinated) Nov 20th 2011

*capensis 'wide leaf'
*MANY multifida 'extrema' (for possible trade)
platystigma (pygmy with orange flowers) spring 2011
*adelae (with extras) fall 2009
indica seedlings (fall 2011)
rotundifolia from seed sown 2010
Peltata seedlings (germinated fall 2011)

seedling (germ. fall 2011)


*gibba Spring 2011
*livida Spring 2011
*subulata: a ride along plant with livida, spring 2011


*MANY typical Flytraps, including many seedlings (for trade) spring 2010
'B-52' (small plant)

CP companion plants
yellow eyed grass
orange milkwort
meadow beauty
nasty rushes and sedges
live green sphagnum

Other Plants

Mimosa pudica ("sensitive plant")
peach flowered Phalanopsis orchid
Some Euphorbia (someone will need to help me ID)
several unidentified succulent plants, including an unidentified Aloe species, ...and others I don't know.
Mammillaria catus
Aloe vera
"italian grape" seedlings (delicious fruit!)

I may have forgotten one or two. Will update :)

Interests/want list:

Some of the easier Heliamphora species/hybrids (heterodoxa cross minor, nutans, etc)

Different flytrap varieties

Various Nepenthes (alata, rafflesiana 'typical')

D. burmanii
D. regia
D. filiformis
D. filiformis 'traycii'
D. intermedia

U. sandersonii 'blue flower'
U. humboldtii
U. dichotoma
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