Roots of Green Dragon vs. Common

I recently repotted a little Green Dragon  (got it from this site in February) because it was totally being squashed by the large leaves of its big brother. I noticed that this tiny plant had 5 inch long roots. I had just put my 4-year old Common VFT in the fridge bare root for hibernation and its roots were just one inch long.

Does anyone know if Green Dragon roots are supposed to be that much longer? I know they're aggressive growers but this plant is very young with only four traps and my Common is 4 years old.

Also, are my Common VFT roots supposed to be that short? I'm a bit concerned after seeing the Green Dragon's roots that perhaps something is munching on my Common.  
I have the same thing happening with my plants. My standard Vft which i have had 1 year from the garden center (i think its about 2 years old) as 1" roots. Today i recieved a South West Giant and a Royal Red from 'Triffid Nureries'. The South West Giant has massive roots, 4" long and 3" wide. The Royal red is smaller, and has 1" roots. I think that all the clones have better growing speeds than the standard Vft, whcih is why they need longer roots.
I have also had the same thing happened to me, i just recieved my south west giant and my oxford red clone from triffid nurseries today. And the roots are really long on the south west giant, wearas on the oxford red they are 1" on a really tiny plant.
Hey harry, my south west giant had quite a lot of red coloration on it, (pinky red), did yours have this ? I thought the south west giant was just a very fast grower and had large traps compared to a standard venus fly trap. I was pleasently suprised when i opened the little tub to find a redish pink colored S.W.Giant.
I recommend Triffid Nurseries to anyone, very healthy venus fly traps.
I bought a SW Giant a month ago. The leaves weren't that pink inside but it's been growing really noticable heart shaped leaves, more rounded than I've ever seen. It's yet to grow any big big traps yet, the ones at the moment are about 3/4".
I also received a big Royal Red from Mike yesterday - it's a very healthy, large plant.
Yes mine did have a slight red colouration on the south west giant also, triffid nurseries is a good nursery to order from as they have nice plants.