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Roridula Seeds

Hi everyone,

I know this might be a long shot but I hope that someone can assist me. I stay in South Africa and I have been growing various CP's for a few years now. There are still many on my "want-list" and one of those is Roridula.
Do any of you know where I might purchase Roridula seeds? I have search far and wide but none of the "major" online shops seem to sell seeds? I have heard that Silverhill seeds used to sell them but don't see them listed any more. I am willing to import seeds if I can find some.
I would like to test both dentata and gorgonias in my environment if possible and see which does best.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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Silver Hill Seeds in your native South Africa has them seasonally. Right now either CZ Plants or Best Carnivorous Plants, both in the Czech Republic would be your best bet.
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Will send them an email, thanks.