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Well I don't desire it much anymore. But if someone offered it to me I would rake it,I mean who wouldn't? But it is too much friggin around to get the #### plant so I am happy with what I have. The Akai Ryu suits me fine. Sorry for the slang words but I neede to get that off my chest. Ahh... Now I feel much better that all that is said.
Does anyone know when the patent on the Royal Red expires? Is it enforcable in the United States? If it expires next year or something then all the people who have it could start stockpiling and flood the market when it expires, driving the price down and scoring a victory for the free access people! Ah, the power of free trade.


If the patent expires...I don't believe that it will be soon...I think that this version was made only a few years ago.

I am sure that people are already doing it. You know like when you would make a tape or CD for a friend?

I don't think that the price is high...but if you want a TRUE one...you would have to get it from Austrailia...that is the problem for some people...they cannot afford the import fees and the high min. order amount ( which leads back to the begining. )

If I could buy a bucnh and resell them here...I would...but I am not willing to part with the AT LEAST 500&#36 order just to make them available on the site...not now...but maybe later!

ALthough I would spend the 500&#36 min order at Borneo's and get some rare Nepenthes that you really can't get over here...to me that is money better spent! :smile:
I have almost everything Rob from Borneo has available.. and some that he doesn't! The shipment from Australia just cleared customs and should arrive any day... I did order extra plants of various VFT cultivars. We will see how they came through the packing/shipping. I spose I can ask Geoff about the patent on the RRVFT...
Check out my site <a href="http://www.dionea.homestead.com/mutate.html

I" target="_blank">http://www.dionea.homestead.com/mutate.html

I</a> have four links, two in AU and two in UK.

All of them are overseas so I don't know if this helps...


P.S. and red dragon and RRVFT are NOT the same thing... Red dragon gets all red sometimes even purplish/brown while royal red stays only red and gets yellow/green trap edges. Also RRVFT is more upright...

But basically in my humble opinion I do think there are a few to many red vft varieties out there. I will be posting pics of some more red varieties on my site soon so you can see the difference... or lack thereof
I don't mean to be mean or anything but just remember there is a "thingie"protecting the rrvft-do u know how busted u'd get if the people here found out?!
LOL anyway all i can say is if u can do it without peeps finding out go for it-i mean after all it is a friggan plant,how can u put copyright(so to say)on it?I really think it's stupid how u can't reproduce it....oh well,but all the best if u manage to get hold of one.
How ironic tony,u're getting a rrvft before me and i'm in australia!!!!!Just shows u how stupid things in this world r...

nepenthes gracilis

Nepenthes Specialist
I hear you Mondo. For gods sake I am more interested in Neps and Sarracenias! I love my Truncata,Red Ventricosa,Merrilliana and my unidentifyed mystery nepenthes. I DO like VFT's but Neps and Sarras. catch my eye most. I don't know why but they do. I am going to wait for the RRVFT to reach America. I rather pay &#365.00 for any kind of VFT. Rather than paying &#36100.00+ on some RRVFT's that might not even survive!!!!!
Hi Mondo, if you think that this RRVFT thing means things are stupid in this world you have not seen anything yet. The Austrailian Patent office granted John Keogh of Hawthorn, Victoria a patent on the wheel in 2001! For meny more examples of this kind of stupidity try the Ig Nobel Awards winners list at; www.improb.com/ig/ig-pastwinners


Man... so I should go to Australia, and patent the human lung... then everyone would need to pay me a once cent royalty for every breath they take...

Of course, then someone would sue me for holding the patent on something that put out millions of cubic feet of Carbon Dioxide every day, well over any federally mandated safety regulations... hmmm back to the drawing board...