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S. leucophylla 'Splinter Hill' X 'Adrian Slack'.

Have any extras?��

No, sorry. This is a 5 year old seedling and is nowhere near big enough to divide yet. In fact, I am not in the habit of dividing plants until they are multi-lead specimen size, so it could be many years before I take pieces off this.
What a beautiful plant Paul! I think I have one similar which may also have 'Adrian Slack' its genes.
What a beautiful plant Paul! I think I have one similar which may also have 'Adrian Slack' its genes.

I've raised enough 'Adrian Slack' seedlings to know that its not a great breeder, but if you grow enough seedlings, you will find one or two that are worth keeping.
That may be the case, I have not gone through the troubles of growing Sarracenia en mass in the past. I now have a few pot fulls of seedlings from FredP but that's beyond the point... I think the Sarr I'm thinking of came from a bulk purchase of extras from Phil Faulisi. I can't remember seeing it recently though.. hmm...
Not to be harsh, but it is quite presumptive of you to flood threads with unsolicited offers on plants, only to be followed by 'it was a joke' as a response. No one is obligated to provide you with plants they have carefully cultivated, even if they are not prized specimens. Many of the folks here are more than generous with their plants but taking advantage of that or responding with an offer to any pictures of the plants you want can get very old. As hcarlton mentioned to you in another post, people generally are more willing to trade with those who contribute to the discussion rather than those who are out to acquire whatever happens to catch their eye.
Could I rescue some? I actually have a ton of space and love baby sarrs. I could even pay you for them.

No. I am not going to waste my time (and yours) by sorting and packing up dozens of worthless hybrid seedlings to send you. I'm saving you from yourself.
I was just kidding. I tried to add one of those winking emojis but couldn’t understand how to. I don’t want to anger or provoke anybody on this site.