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Sarraceina Minor trouble.

Jan 4, 2015
Minnesota, USA
HI I was wondering if anyone else this year had issues with their S. Minor.
I had one but its rhyzome got all soft and brown, the roots seemed to be in good condition.
I'm going to try and grow the plant from the roots... if possible.
The plant was wintered in my garage.

I just need some advice for what I should do in the future if this happens again.
Apr 19, 2012
Greeley, CO, USA
I've never heard of anyone propagating Sarracenia from roots; only rhizome divisions and in some cases leaf pullings have been possible. Rhizome rot is often a fungal or bacterial issue so if your S. minor got it keep any soil from that pot well away from any other Sarracenia you have, douse the area with fungicide if you have it, repot anything that may have shared a tray with it, and it's most likely any healthy looking roots from the minor are probably infected and they will die in short order.
For future reference, make sure the rhizome is potted mostly above the soil line, and don't keep them very wet over winter; just barely damp is best. Preventative measures like sulfur dustings and applications of neem oil or systemic fungicides during winter may help.