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Never Knows Best
Hi there,

A few Sarrs in my recirculating mini bog had this issue for a while. The tip of the lid begins drying. The plants push out new pitchers regularly and seem to be doing fine overall.
Plans were inoculated with beneficial mites and some time after that when the issue persisted were getting a regular treatment of Azamax (Extract from neem oil).

Other plants in the bog (D. filiformis, Dionaea "Mad Snappy", S. leucophylla x willisii) are doing fine. Could this indicate that there is not enough water?

S. courtii northern x rubra alabamensis

S. purpurea burkeii x flava kimber
here even the unopened pitcher is starting to show the problem.

S. x Bugbat
Looks like either natural aging or the pitchers are drying out because of low humidity and the presence of wind; this happens to most of my plants within a few days to a couple weeks of new pitchers opening usually. Different plants have different tolerances, but windburn is not much to be concerned about.
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