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Sarracenia rhizome cutting

I thought I would share my experience taking "rhizome cuttings" with Sarracenia. Right before flowers emerge I unpot the clump of Sarracenia. Often I have to pull off smaller growth points to access the rhizome. With sharp snips I cut the main growth point off the free rhizome. Its OK if the main growth point doesn't have many roots directly below it, more roots will grow if you pot it up in a protected location. I pot the rhizome cuttings up in an oval planter in a frost-free, sunny location:


Within two months I have 18" tall leaves on the sprouted rhizome:


Here is a picture of my rhizome cuttings mid-summer last year:


Notes: After about 10 months you can put the sprouts in their own pots and put the rhizome in the fridge for 6 weeks. About half of them will sprout again.

Happy growing!
Here are the pieces of rhizome from the first picture after 6 months.
So you go berserk on the rhizomes and it pays off?

I have to try that some time.
Interesting. Thanks for sharing. :) Amazing Sarracenias and D. filiformis. :)