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Sarracenia Seed Giveaway!

Hey guys! This past year, I decided to cross my Sarracenias for the first time. Now, I have some seeds looking to find a home! For this giveaway, as long as you have 300 posts on the forum, simply pick a number from 1-100 and you'll be entered! I do the 300 posts thing to avoid giving away to members who only use the forum for giveaways. If you're a new member and/or just don't have 300 posts, I do apologize for the inconvenience. At the end I will put every number in a hat and have my brother randomly pick three numbers. There will probably be 2 winners to this giveaway, but possibly 3. The winners will be PMed and will subsequently receive a packet of 10-15 seeds for each cross I made. This giveaway will close 2 weeks from today, December 14th, at 4:00 PM PST or 7:00 PM EST. USA only. Now for the good part. Here are the crosses I made that you could receive:

(Flies Demise x Wilkerson's Red) x [leuco x (leuco x purp)]
moorei - Santa Rosa Co, FL x leuco HCW Clone E
Blood Moon x Leah Wilkerson
excellens x Blood Moon
Little Fledgling x leuco HCW Clone E
leuco 'Green' x rubra jonesii green F1

Good luck all! :D
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Great give away!
36. Dionae, thanks!
36. Dionae, thanks!
7. hcarlton
Bump. 1 week remaining!
Current list:
36. Dionae
7. hcarlton
17. jimscott
70. Maiden
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And the winners are.... #36 Dionae and #17 jimscott. Winners will be PMed. Thanks for participating :D