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For Sale Sarracenia Seedlings for sale 2019

Fred P

Nov 25, 2009
Charlotte, NC
All the hard work has been done for you. The crosses have been made and the seed has been harvested, stratified, sowed and germinated. I’m offering some great crosses of 4 to 6 month old seedlings. All that’s left to do is grow them out.
These are all from my personal collection and have been growing under lights for the past few months and already have some great color. I have been holding on to many of these seeds for years because I just didn’t have the space in CA. But now in NC, my growing area has doubled and I’m able to make room for more seedlings. I just started transplanting part of the first large tray but that being said, I still can’t grow out 10,000 seedlings (which is about what I have – photo attached) so I thought I would spread some around at reasonable prices. The attached PDF is the list of crosses for sale. Please note - I have not "cherry-picked" the best seedlings out of the cells. However they were sowed is how they're being sold. :)

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Jul 12, 2001
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[MENTION=13994]DaFloof[/MENTION] uhm... there is a PDF attached to his post that has all available items (at least at the time) with prices and contact info where you could get a hold of him to see if anything is still available. I bought a few of them from him and they're doing great BTW.