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Haven't been around in a while and I figured I'd see if I could trade some stuff.

Here's what I've got. I've misplaced my notes for my sarracenia so I'm not 100% certain what some of the species are.

S. Brunswick beauty x something else?

Various mixture of S. flava coppertop (please note that there is some hail damage on these plants)

S. wilkerson's red x catasbei "dom diaz clone"

s. readii x god's gift

s. red viper x leucophylla franklin county

s. ruffled sparkler x alabamensis (bad pics, can get pics in sun tomorrow if need-be)

a few cool variations of s. purpurea ssp. venosa

n. spendiana x mixta

as far as pings go, if anyone is interested in swapping leaf pullings, let me know!

p. titan (i'm pretty sure of it, at least)

i'm thinking p. sethos for this one.

p. weser

i think p. florian

i also have p. jaumavensis but no pictures at the moment.

d. madagascariensis

d. dielsiana

d. ordensis x petiolaris

if you're feeling especially froggy i've got some heliamphora pulchella for trade as well. these plants are finicky though - no guarantee that they will survive shipment!!!!

LOTS of healthy sphagnum that will grow in full sun

i also have several other species of drosera that i'm willing to trade (aliciae, burmannii, capensis, admirabilis, binata, adelae, and some others) and other species of sarracenia. if you want to know more, i can get some pics.

not really looking for anything in particular, just let me know what you've got and what you're interested in! i'm even interested in some non carnivorous plants such as orchids and exotic succulents.
Big ol PM sent
Before I send a Pm... do you have a growlist?
Where's my firstborn male child when I need him?
PM sent! :D
Did you get my PM? I sent it yesterday morning.
I sent one too :p wondering what other drosera you have
Sorry for being slow to respond to the PMs. I'll try and get back with everyone ASAP.
I'm still reeaaalllly interested in trading... ;)
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wipe that drool from your face young lady....:-D