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Saving a Dying Sundew

So, I'm new to growing carnivorous plants(This is my first time/year). And I have four sundews. One of which suffering pretty badly. And I'm not sure what to do. As far as I know, it has pretty good soil and I keep it moist and misted. However, even with this, I can slowly see it start to wither. Although it does seem to always make new green leaves(or spatulas...?)they grow fast and wither. I'm wondering if any of you experienced growers know a way to revive a plant at such a state or if I should just give up on it. I hate to let a plant die like that. I'm just at a loss at what to do. Any help is appreciated. Thanks!

P.S. if there is a thread that anyone could direct me to with a close answer, that would be awesome too!
Stop misting it, what water are you using? What peat combo are you using?. What kind of light? What temps? Use the search on this forum, it can help.

Echoing what others have said. Sundews hate having water sprayed on them constantly. How moist is the media? I only grow d. capensis and d. filiformis, but I keep both on the tray method and they are currently thriving.
To give a solid answer it would help to know what species of sundews you are growing. There are pretty wide differences in needs for plants from different climates and parts of the world. Also, we would need to know what your overall conditions are: temperatures, light intensity/duration, growing medium and watering amounts and methods. A photo or several would also help.

For basic information I recommend the ICPS growing guides here: International Carnivorous Plant Society