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SCCPE - Southern California Carnivorous Plant Enthusiasts


Apr 29, 2020
Fullerton, CA
Hello! And, thank you for visiting! This post/thread will be an "about us" landing page.

In 2019, a handful of CP nerds decided we needed more CPs in our lives. We were participating in meetings held in the LA and SD areas of southern California but meetings were every other month and we wanted MORE!

The founders include John (me), Maggie, Braulio, and Adam. We were encouraged by the leaders of LACPS (lacps.net) to go ahead with our own club to accomplish some big goals we had in mind for the greater CP community. There was a geographical gap in the Orange County area so we decided to put down some roots there. Our mission/goal is to reach as many old and new CP enthusiasts as possible.

We quickly formed the board of directors, wrote bylaws, and incorporated ourselves under the name of Southern California Carnivorous Plants Enthusiasts (SCCPE). (We soon thereafter decided to drop the "s" in "plants" to make it sound better.) We received our 501c3 status from the IRS in Feb of 2020 and held our inaugural meeting in March 2020 in the city of Buena Park. The turnout was fantastic with many familiar AND new faces. We were well started on our mission to spread our love of CPs.

Then... COVID-19 hit. Everything got shut down. Our first major event and fund raiser (petexpooc.org) to launch our new club got cancelled. We felt gutted. However, the team refused to take their foot off the gas pedal. We pressed forward. We made the decision to dedicate our resources to maximizing our impact through remote/virtual activities until we could have in-person meetings. At the time, we thought that might be 2-3 months... as of today, we're going on month 7. And, there is no end in sight, yet.

We are offering online meetings via Zoom. We have an active community on Facebook. We are uploading presentations and tours on YouTube. Now, I'm hoping we can connect to more folks through this forum.

If you're interested in checking us out, below is a list of links. We hope to see you around and, maybe you'll even consider joining!

Facebook Page
Email Newsletter

Thank you,
President, SCCPE
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