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Selaginella lepidophylla / "Resurrection Fern" info?


I Am the Terror Of the Night!
I picked up a Selaginella lepidophylla the other day because I had one 8 years ago, however it
in the end died and I wanted to try to restart and see if I could grow one.
However, after reading around on the internet some people claim these plants
are all dead because they had the rhizome stripped off of the plant, and the vascular
system of the dead fern inflates with water, while the chlorophyll stays in the leaves
making it look like it can "come back to life".

Further searching for information, I found that there really isnt much information
on them in the first place. Has anybody actually grown one of these/have experience with it?
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She is the only other person ive heard of that has grown one in exception to maybe two other people who
Were forced to grow them from spores as they could not find any live plants.
Never mind
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Nemjones, are you a member of the Plerds FB group yet?
Yes I am. I was accepted a couple nights ago.
Those are some really nice photos of the fern, they show the roots very well.
Besides that, I havent really even seen a confirmed live plant.

Anyways, I think my main leaf clump died off. I should have
sprinked some moist peat on it to see if i could encourage roots to
grow out better. However, the cuttings look very happy. No mold yet.
The roots that were visable (I hope) are buried and wet. Im just hoping they
were/will be active roots.