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For Sale Selling some plants to make room

Apr 7, 2017
I’m getting a big order in soon and I need to make some room in my set up. If ur interested in any of the following PM me...
Nepenthes Palawanensis
Nepenthes Rajah x Mira
Nepenthes Fusca
Nepenthes (aristo x spec) x hamata
Nepenthes Aristolochioides seedlings
Nepenthes Jamban x Dubai
Nepenthes Ventricosa Inermis (vining)
Heliamphora Minor (mature)
Heliamphora Uncinata Seedlings
Heliamphora Nutans
Heliamphora Tatei x Folliculata
Heliamphora Pulchella (mature)
Heliamphora Purpurascens (mature)

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