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Server move! Update your bookmarks now!


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Jul 12, 2001
Tucson, Arizona USA
Hello everyone, please be aware that at some point in the near future, terraforums.com and cpforums.org will be moving to a new higher powered dedicated server. I'm not sure you'll really notice any difference in everyday browsing but it should surely help during high use times, or when uploading images to the gallery site. We're merging from a 2.6ghz, 500mb ram, and IDE hard disk drive to a 2.4ghz dual core, 2ghz ram, SATA hard disk drives... I won't bore you further with all the stats. But surely (hopefully!) this will prevent any problems this year during the final mins of the auction ;)

Down time could be a couple hours to move the data and another couple days for the move of the domain to a new account (for the DNS to update) Hopefully I can move the server data while the DNS updates but we'll have to see if I can time them together. If not, there will be two separate down times.

MAKE SURE!!!!!! That you use www.terraforums.com to get to the forums and NOT www.terraforums.com/forums or something. That way you can get back once it's moved otherwise your link probably won't work even once it's all moved and back up. ;)