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shampoo ginger for trade

hey everyone.

i recently cut back a 2-3 growth point shampoo ginger and dont have the room to grow it anymore. im looking for...

aroids, colocasias, alocasias (elephant ears)
smorphophallus bulbifer
a. paeonifolius
some begoniias possibly
aloe vera plants

i grew this through the summer months and it grew great, though i didnt get a flower. there is a chance it could be white butterfly ginger, as i got both in a trade unlabled, but was told that the smaller one (which is the one im offering) was the shampoo ginger. if you would like pics i can send them or post them here just let me know. its rhizome is 4-6 growth buds large, one dormant growth that could start if pllanted the others were cut back.

send me a pm if your interested