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Hear the Call of Nepenthes
Post some pictures of your plants besides CP's that you grow! Especially if you have more unusual and rare specimens!

Here are some of mine, forgive my poor photography skills :p

Seedgrown Lemon tree

Heartleaf Philodendron - - Umm desk is a bit messy from doing Calculus work... really like this plant a lot easier than the more common pothos

Pothos - I like this plant but it doesn't like me... Also Pictured Anthurium sp. and Philodendron Orange Prince

Streptocarpus - It was huge so I chopped it!

Begonia 'Bonfire' - begonias are perhaps my favourite 'regular' plants, I also chopped it

Succulent NOID

Goldfish Plant - got huge over my vacations

Alocasia Amazonica

Kalanchoe Blossfeldiana - These are from cuttings from a rare cultivar thats a lot nicer than those you see during Xmas

Umbrella Plant - Its huge compared to whenI bought it in Ikea four years ago it was proabably three inches tall.

Maidenhair fern - Lots of new fronds love this plant

Kalanchoe 'Magic bells'

Mimosa Pudica & Begonia Rex (although some other site says its a fibrous begonia)

Christmas cactus - flower buds already appearing

Ivy - Larger Variety, I had found the scientific name but forgot it...

Oxalis Triagularis also called atropurpurea coming back from dormancy

Enjoy show me yours!
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OMG how do you get your alocasia to have more than 1 leaf? mine only has one and it keeps trying to die on me! Pics will come shortly once it's sun-up again...
Thez_yo - hmm it gets bright light, and it doesn't get too cold, and I keep the meda moist, they really like wet feet, but make sure you have an airy mix. They also go dormant in cold weather.
I used regular potting mix (like miracle grow stuff) mixed one on one with perlite - that airy enough? Last time I tried regular potting mix straight up and kept it wet and it started rotting :O...so if I let it be more damp with this new mix it should do good?
Well I'm not sure... I'd just tell you not to let it dry out.
Hmm...ok, I guess I'll go to water it now. I've got seedgrown sapote trees, seedgrown tamarind trees, some NOID succulents, a couple bromeliads, handful of tillies and a fern hiding around too. I just had a cacao tree die on me which is really sad but I guess I'll live...but omg :cry:. I wish the sun were out so I could take pics already..

I have several smaller Alocasias / mini Caladiums in my Anole vivarium and they come and go with the dryness of the soil. If it's real wet they grow if I let it dry out too long they die back to the tuber sometimes for a year or more then when it's just right they come back with a new crop of leaves.
Here are some pics of my living stone:


flower bud

flower. pic taken today

I have tons of non-CPs, but no more pics :(
I should get some pics, but my pride and joy is looking amazingly...... ratty. Calathea ornata ALWAYS has something to be fussy about. :crap:
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Nice living stones! I bought one of those in Germany once, and of course promptly killed it because I was ten.

What a great idea for a thread, and sweet plants. I'll have to take some pictures tomorrow.
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Here's all my plants (yes that's the pot from my cacao I killed behind the alocasia...I'm still in denial :cry:)

tamarind on left, sapote on right (both from seed of tasty fruit I ate):

kalanchoe on left, noid on right (both from Home Depot):

tilly mobile (all from Home Depot 'cept for one which has the same originating nursery anyway):

bromeliads and a fern (Home Depot and Lil Stinkpot/Peter's nursery for the fern):

and empty pot on left :-( and alocasia on right (Logee's and Home Depot on the alocasia):

---I was so sad I just ordered a replacement cacao from a different store...hopefully this one survives :O---
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"...noid on the right..."

Crassula arborescens. ;)
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Wow clue... :hail:
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Took a few pics, it's not everything of course but here's a buncha assorted stuff...

Large Myrmercodia echinata & a bunch of baby mantis terrariums (nothing carnivorous in them except the insects)


My first crop of Myrmercodia echinata babies is coming along strong. have two more pots sowed just like this starting to germinate!


Now for a couple of my fave alien plants, Pseudolithos migiurtinus


Pseudolithos cubiformis


A big fiddle leaf ficus and one of my numerous Ficus benjamina and the ubiquitous pot of oat grass for the cats to graze thus ensure houseplant safety!

An Ivy that did not grow as fast and furious as I would have liked. I was hoping I'd have many feet of it by now to feed my insects overwinter but only a few meals can be made from this.


Here's one of my Sterlite terrariums/storage bins this one is mostly ferns. club mosses and similar


Here's one of my fave ferns, Lecanopteris mirabillis (an ant fern) but it's no mini, it can get fronds over a foot tall but it makes these awesome flat plate sections that the fronds grow out from, looks awesome when it's a huge hunk of green armor and a few fronds coming out. I'm waiting to get the "perfect" terrarium setup so this guy can be one of my centerpieces.


This bin is stuffed with assorted terrarium plants, begonias, gesneriads, aroids, peperomias, etc...

Ressurection fern (Polypodioides sp.) growing on wild bark leaves apx 4" tall.


New: some assorted terrarium plants from the garden center including a new Ivy
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Very Nice Thez_yo, I've eaten Sapote before, they're nice. And thats a very nice Alocasia Leaf!

Swords, what a nice non-walmart selection of plants, I really Like your Fiddles leaf Ficus (Ficus Lyrata actually). In those new terrarium plants you have a cissus rhombifolia, which I have but its huge now. Lots of interesting rare looking ones, whats that one with the 'bulb' at the base in picture 9?
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Thanks carnivoure12 :)

Wow...heh, I used to have that many plants before I had to start again and I decided to just go with mainly neps. Fond memories of variegated rubber trees, spider plants, ivy, aloe plants, purple passion plant, a couple other purple things I can't remember the names of (vines), pothos, grapefruit trees from seed, cryptathus, peace lillies, crotons (omg bell crotons look like nepenthes!! link to a pic: http://www.kraftgardens.com/products/photos/Croton Golden Bell.jpg ...unfortunately they attract mites like nobody's business..), dragon trees and a whole pile of noid cacti...
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Is C. rhombifolia my "new ivy"? This place never labels their stuff other than " 2inch terrarium plants $2.99/4 inch $4.99 " even though they propagate it all I don't think they know what it is cos I've asked and they say emphatically, "it's a terrarium plant!" :D

The plant with the caudex and two leaves is another ant plant, Hydnophytum simplex, it got chowed by a caterpillar in august or so but is coming back.

HEH Thez, I'm doing it backwards, I used to have a house full of just Nep chambers! LOL

Then for a couple years all i had was succulents but eventually I started having sinus problems so I put it down to the material I potted them in and their constant blooming. I had species from all over the world so one type would quit and another would kick in blooming as the seasons changed. Now I just have a small tray of half a dozen or so of my fave succulents and I can breathe again without a windy pollen filled shelf full of dusty dry succulent pots!
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If I had a whole house to work with instead of just an apt with an unfortunate amount of windows, I'm sure I'd start collecting the non-neps with a vengeance! I can't help it...I just love plants!
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Me too thez!

Swords, I'm referring to the biggest one in the botton left-hand corner, I'm not sure if it's really an ivy, but it does kind of resemble one, maybe if you do a google search on it?
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I was only guessing it as an Ivy of some kind since it was not labeled (nor are the others) but I think you're right on that's what it is. This site here says it's sort of rare too: http://www.rhapisgardens.com/cissus/

I already have Cissus amazonica growing like mad being periodically wound around a long branch in my Vampire crab tank, it's a really great terrarium plant and looks like a vine of miniature Alocasia leaves.

I'm hoping to get the colorful Cissus discolor someday, the "Begonia Vine" probably the most dramatic leaves of them all I think.
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