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Since the pics work....

nepenthes gracilis

Nepenthes Specialist
Hey guys here some of my CP's and my gh pics!  


My Rajah. Bigger now!


My N.Clipeata.  




Greenhouse heater on back wall.


Front wall with my 36 inch diameter fan.
Your pics didn't work this time.
We want to see more pics.
Nice greenhouse, what CP are in it?
Ok I'll get more of my growchamber, haven't pictured that yet.
In the gh? Neps WOULD be in it, but darn humidity is a tad low! Trying to devise a way to keep it high (50% and above) Anyone out there have an idea? Also just my Sarracenia,Darlingtonia,and VFT are in it Eplants.
hey nep.g, how old is that rajah could ya get a picture of the pitcher. the rest of the plants look great. nice set up you got there too.
The Rajah is approximatly (with me 7 and 1/2 months old) It was a TC plant that was 2 inches diameter so it has to be AT LEAST 1 year old, this year coming it will be 2 years old so I am going to say it is about 1 year 7 months old.

BTW, here's a picture of a quite nice sized pitcher on it.


Little blurry but I got it!

just an idea...

get a 55 gallon food grade drum, fill it with water, and put some air stones in it, attatched of course to air pumps...

also, putting leuvers on the fan, so air just doesn't move in and out when it's not on...

oh... seal all that wood up... wood absorbs moisture...

and... go in there and BREATHE a lot... your breath should add to the humidity... snicker...
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lol Ram.
I like the idea of the water evaporating off the surface from the bubblers.
Good ideaer! =] I did notice when I am in there for more than 10 minutes the humidity does jump up 5-8 percent.

Yeah I am getting a set of louvers for the fan this late winter/early spring. Not bothering bout it now, just winterizing the fan, have already put a sheet of palstic over it and humidity is rather stable right now, holding in at 100% at night.
That's good but day registers quite low like 40 and below percentage.
Probably because of the sunlight evaporating the water vapor in the gh.
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nice pic. of the pitcher nep. g.
1 1/2 yr old too, boy i'm going to grow old watching mine grow. with the humidity in the gh run a hose to it and have a mist sprayer attached. that would help wonderfully. that is only if your water is ok to use
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All I need to do is keep my floor wet, the water quality is not an issue as the palnt will not com in contact with it. Thanks for the idea though!
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Get big plastic containers and fill it with water and place it under the shelves of CP and use the heat from the heater to combine them.
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Few more pics. NICE QUALITY. Advice: use a magnifying glass.  
  Thanks to Goldslinger for mentioning this.




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Nice pics, Nep.G. The Hamata looks relly nice.
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Lots of wet course pea gravel on the floor would raise the humidity level considerably.
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Eplants thanks! I especially like the live sphagnum in the pot.

alandallas, I know that works but my problme is keeping the pea gravel wet!
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Nepenthes Gracillis, you will box that HAMATA and ship it to me NOW.


why was I posting here? oh yeah!

Sure! No problem on the tip about the big barrel full of water... but you know what might be better? Is if you kept your floor wet! Yeah! Yeah... that's the ticket!
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Wow, that hamata is a beauty!
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<UNDER MIND CONTROL> Wha......what....... yes I obey and ship you a box containing my Hamata.........

No way man!
lol. I personally would rather buy a few wholesale Hamata for the gh and sell a regular plant to you rather than give you my plant! It's MINE!