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Since the pics work....

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The hamata is....ok.... but I really like the H heterodoxa.
Nep g, what temps are you giving that plant? I'm thinking of getting one sometime, but I want to put it outside with my lowland neps. From what Ive read, heterodoxa and minor might (keyword: might) grow ok for me here in PR. TIA

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Praise my Hamata too! It takes initiative to grow one!

Anyhow Joel, I just grow the Heterodoxa with my Ultrahighlands. It get's ice put next to it at night so it must get chilly. But it is near my burbidgeae so it is a tad milder as it isn't near all the ice like my other's (Rajah,Hamata,Spectabilis,Lowii) But i would say it get's temps at night in the low 60's to high 50's and day temps of 70 plus F.
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Those are some really nice pics Nep. G. Your plants seems to always be healthy
. I like your rajah plant - has a couple more years to go
before it takes over.

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That's very nice of you to compliment me Travis! Thanks!

I guess my plants are healthy because I am in the area to grow the highlands and Ultrahighlands and I make sure that they are happy. I don't let a spot of mold or a tiny pest escape my grasp all plats in my collection are guranteed healthy!
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nep.g, i got a n. hamata on order and was put on a waiting list for the plant. can someone tell me why there is a wait on this plant along with rajah,aristolochioides,bongo and fusca.
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Private message me on who you are buying it from I may have some info. Hamata is usually high in demand no mater what the price and is usually hard to get readily. It is such a rare and unusual Nepenthes that you have to order them very fast and when they are available. Rajah is also high in demand but not as high as Hamata.